November 1, 2019
Organized by Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association, 4th TURK KOMPOZIT 2019 COMPOSITES SUMMITtook place in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center on 10,11,12 October, 2019.
Opening Ceremony of Composites Summit which opened its door for visitor at 10:00 am on October 10, 2019 10 was carried out with the participation of Şekib Avdagiç (President of Istanbul Commerce Chamber), Adil Pelister (Chairman of Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association), Ömer Karadeniz (President of Plastic Manufacturers Federation), Selçuk Gülsün (President of Plastic Industrialists Association), İlhami Keles (General Secretary of Defense and Aviation Cluster Saha Istanbul) and many other attendants.
In the event, 102 companies from 7 different countries including our country shared latest Technological products and developments in Composite Sector with visitors in the Exhibition Area. The event has been visited by a total of 4567 people, 371 of them from 34 different foreign countries and 4196 from our country throughout 3 days.
Throughout 3 days at the seminar section, there were 15 technical presentations, 13 Commercial Presentations, and two thematic panels about Composite Usage in Renewable Energy Sector and in Defense and Aviation Sector as well as 11 career days presentations performed by the companies such as Dowaksa, Dyo, Ece Boya, Ege Kimya, Kordsa, Metyx, Polin, Superlit, Şisecam Elyaf and Yücel Groupwithin the scope of Composite Career Days at which Kariyer.net has been talent sponsor and performed opening speech. Besides, Mr. Ahmet Poçuklu, Mr. Erdem Yücel and Mr. Mehmet Hakan Kus have shared their experiences with sector member within the scope of Composites Experiences moderated by Dear İsmail Hakkı Hacıalioğlu, Secretary General of our Association on October 11, 2019. The presentations that are allowed to be published will be shared on youtube page of Our Association.
The our member companies such as Omnis Komposit, Yücel Group and Tila Komposit have applied various composite production methods at demo booths established at the entrance of exhibition area once again this year.
Furthermore, the following products have been exhibited in the area of Composite Product World throughout 3 days: Composite Sports Car, Composite Caravan, Composite Artistic Product, King Cobra Water Slide Simulator, Splash Bucket (playground developed for individuals with special educational needs), GRP Pipe in a diameter of 4 m, Composite Tents, Composite Cello, Composite Benches, Composite Catamaran Boat Hull, Göbekli Tepe Sculptures, Composite Triple Seat, CAB MASK Part (wagon part of Dudullu subway), Composite Field Electrical Distribution Board, Composite Wing Section, Ballistic Protective Cap and Aircraft Seat Back and so on.
In the Gala Cocktail Party held on the night of the 2nd day of the event, where nearly 200 industry members participated in, the following persons have been awarded to get the theme foundation certificates due to the following studies:
  • Burcu Biçer Saner, one of the start-up companies attending in our event for the first time this year, – Robotic Arm Winding Machine
  • Istanbul Technical University Rover Team- one of university composites clubs, – Mars Scout Vehicle
  • Ahmet Poçuklu, Erdem Yücel and Mehmet Hakan Kus- sharing their experiences in this sector with participants.
The event, which was held for the 4th time in the Composite Sector, has gained the appreciation of our stakeholders, both participants, visitors and guests, and this appreciation has been expressed during and after the event.
As Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association, we will intensively continue our efforts to make composite sector an international brand without avoid self-sacrifice and we will start to work for TURK KOMPOZIT 2021 COMPOSITE SUMMIT with your support in order to exhibit our powerful stance and potential in 2021 all together as sector.