August 11, 2020

POLİYA POLİESTER SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., a member of our association, who fulfills the criteria determined according to the guide published by TSE with the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology has become the first composite brand to receive “Covid 19 Safe Production Certificate” as a result of the inspections. The bulletin prepared by POLİYA on the subject is below.

“We are glad to announce that Poliya has been the first and only Turkish composite resin producer company entitled to receive the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate by successfully applying the preventive measures stated in the “Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Certification Program” of the Turkish Standards Institute – TSE. We would like to thank to all our stakeholders who cares for the public health and we wish a healthy future to all the society.”